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The Kaleidoscope Project, LLC

Black Friday Graphics

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Are you ready to make a statement this Black Friday? Join our exciting online graphics design class and learn how to create eye-catching visuals that will bring shine to your brand during the quarter 4 season.  

Our Zoom-based class is designed to help you level up your brand and stand out from the competition. By joining, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to design stunning graphics that capture attention and drive sales during the Black Friday frenzy. 

In this fun, energetic, and interactive class, our expert instructor will guide you through the process of creating visually captivating graphics that align with your brand's identity. You'll learn various techniques, color schemes, and design principles to ensure your graphics make a lasting impact and attract customers. 

With our Zoom link, you can conveniently access the class from anywhere and engage in a creative learning environment. Get ready to bring shine to your brand and maximize your success this quarter 4 season with impressive Black Friday graphics. 


✅ Zoom link provided for convenient access to the online class.

✅ Learn to design eye-catching Black Friday graphics.

✅ Discover techniques to stand out and shine during the quarter 4 season.

✅ Fun, energetic, and interactive learning environment.

✅ Elevate your brand and attract customers with stunning visuals.



✨ Level up your brand and make a statement this Black Friday.

✨ Stand out from the competition with eye-catching graphics.

✨ Attract and engage customers with visually captivating designs.

✨ Learn valuable design skills that can be applied to other marketing materials.

✨ Enjoy a fun and interactive class that sparks your creativity and boosts your brand's success.


Q1: Do I need any prior design experience to join this class?

A1: No design experience is necessary. Our class is suitable for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Q2: How long is the class?

A2: The class duration is approximately 90 minutes, providing ample time for learning and creativity. 

Q3: What software or tools will I need for the class?

A3: Canva (free or Pro) 

Q4: Can I ask questions and interact during the class?

A4: Absolutely! Our instructor encourage interaction and are available to answer any questions you may have. 

Customers Who Can Benefit:

  1. Small business owners looking to create impactful Black Friday graphics.
  2. Marketing professionals who want to enhance their visual marketing strategies.
  3. Entrepreneurs who want to stand out and boost their brand's visibility during the quarter 4 season.
  4. Social media managers seeking to create eye-catching content for Black Friday promotions.
  5. Individuals interested in learning graphic design skills to elevate their personal or professional projects.